red-headed stepchild in the house of love (djmermaid) wrote,
red-headed stepchild in the house of love

 these are strange days, indeed!

we just ran out of raccoons (already)!  however, bears are on the way.  we are starting to make bigger batches and we sell out anyway!

but it's sunday, and I'm not supposed to be working.  instead I'll natter about wedding stuff.  I've been poking around on sites like indiebride and it is AMAZING what I am reading, even on these sites that are supposed to be for people who consider themselves unconventional.

there was this whole long letter from this chick who was miffed that some (future) rellie or other was asking for an extra "save the date" magnet for an adult child living at home.  she didn't want to send one (even though she admitted having extra) because "surely they only have one refrigerator" and went on to worry that they would also want two invitations when "they're expensive".  I mean, really!  send them another goddamn magnet and feel happy you have the luxury of sending magnets in the first place - not to mention that you are getting married and who even cares about the magnets?!  no wonder people call "bridezilla!"  although I also think it gets flung about a lot (mostly because it is such a funny coining) even when it isn't warranted.

I am actually really enjoying the planning so far, mostly because we are keeping it minimal and we both agree on what is important.

I do promise not to turn this into a 24/7 wedding blog!  I just have to roll my eyes about some of this stuff.  and feel grateful that my reality is different.

for the record, I am also VERY cognizant that this thing that I am doing, which I want so deeply and which means so much to me, is not an option for those with same sex partners.  I am NOT ok with this, and I am going to continue to fight to change it!  for the record!

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