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ok. so it has been one hell of a month-or-so!

first, I was sick for a week or so. then I had emergency oral surgery, resulting in the removal of "wisdom" tooth #3 of 4. then, another session on my #*&%^* sleeve (this thing is kicking my ass, it's so hard to sit for it, and it is taking forever... although, it is gonna be AWESOME when it is done) and then we had to go to LA for a fabric trade show which entailed driving down on Monday, hitting up Ground Control (alternative/goth karaoke night run by a friend - and about 10 times funner than that even sounds), sleeping on our friends' floor, doing the trade show and then hightailing it right back up the 5 from whence we came, the very next day. somewhere in there we designed a new garment too! wait 'til you see it!

after that, we had a fuckton of bats to send out and then yesterday was the SF tattoo expo and a friend's 42nd birthday party. the tattoo expo was fun but tiring and had it not been a birthday party for such a good friend I might not have made it back out. fortunately we rallied - with a little help from the free energy drinks they were conveniently handing out in the parking lot of the tattoo expo as we were leaving (and from the disco nap we grabbed back at home). it was a great party! I ran around in my silly space alien hat and Hello Kitty hotpants (in Italian: "il hotpants") and had a great time. so many awesome people there!

I also really wanted to hear Jovino drop my new favorite song - More Lemonade (Scissor Sisters Sticky Tits Remix) at the party, and he did not disappoint! after his set I took the latenight downtempo set which was really fun. I'm sort of in a weird phase with DJing right now and it was really nice to be playing for people and having the music flow well.

the LA goth karaoke night was SO much fun! it was at Jewel's Catch One, a historic disco in LA that has been operating since 1972 and since it has not been significantly remodeled (but has been well maintained) it is GORGEOUS! they have several beautiful curved wooden bars, a hot pink neon sign that says DISCO over the entrance to the big room... and you come out under the mirrored DJ booth! (well, these days it is the light booth since apparently DJs are turning into rock stars - at least in LA - so now they have a coffin over on the stage.) it's an awesome space with a ton of gorgeous vintage details. our friend gave us a great tour of the place and even turned on the neon sign for me. <3!

going to a karaoke night in LA was rather bizarre. there are a lot of really talented people in Los Angeles (although none of them think they're any good since it's LA and they have not made it big, but let me tell you, they're way better than me, and probably you too). nevertheless I did two songs, because the atmosphere was so friendly and supportive. they didn't care if you sucked - in fact, if you sucked but did it anyway they loved you. then we went back to our friend's house, pulled out the lappertrons for email time... only to experience an LA earthquake - my first! apparently it was a 4.4, on "the fault that could eat LA" (although it may be hundreds of years before it does, tra la).

another highlight of yesterday was getting a tarot reading from a really cool chick I met at that tarot convention back in October. she's married to a (famous, old-school, awesome) tattoo artist and I was hoping to see them there. she threw a bunch of cards for me and her reading made so much sense! it was also the good ol' "believe in yourself and you will know what to do" tarot message. lol! she wouldn't let me pay her for the reading but I did get her to at least accept a tip. after the reading we chatted for a bit which was really nice.

later today I'm planning to hang out with a friend and I think I'm going to see if I can get the hot tub cleaned and refilled before she gets here.

happy sunday!
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