red-headed stepchild in the house of love (djmermaid) wrote,
red-headed stepchild in the house of love

ow, still

so, still gradually recovering from fryday's dental surgery.

yesterday I learned that being on painkillers is not exactly conducive to a productive business meeting. I was slow, and stupid. I can see why you're not supposed to drive on those things.

today, I learned that being desperately in need of them isn't much better. although, I did enjoy driving to the post office and smelling the sea air. but yeah, the pain makes me hella cranky, and today it's as bad as it was before the surgery! this shit is giving me wrinkles, and not the good kind. I can has feel better nao plz?

also I never thought I'd ever say this but I'm getting pretty sick of chicken soup. it's just about my favorite food but it's also just about all I can eat right now (my mouth still doesn't open very far yet) and it's getting hard to motivate myself to eat, which I have to do so the antibiotics will stay down. might just have to go on a dal soup mission to India Palace tomorrow. I know it has only been a few days but damn I am getting ground down by this.

and you wonder why I avoid the dentist! heh!
Tags: ack, bitch, bullshit, cranky, craptastic, dumb, fail, healing, meh, misery, mthrfkr, o noes, poor me, sad, ugh

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