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pathetic to middling

if you consider the fact that I had emergency dental surgery (to remove an extremely impacted wisdom tooth) yesterday, I'm doing GREAT.

however if you don't adjust for that, not so much. I'm alternating between feeling sore, vageuly nauseous, and about to fall asleep, depending on where I am in the cycle (the cycle of Meh). it's only been a day though so I can't be too impatient. and now I only have one of the little buggers left to worry about. hopefully it can wait a while!

so I'm laying low, missing all the birthday parties etc going on. maybe I'll actually go outside later (it looks REALLY nice out there) but it isn't going to be to go dancing. actually a nap sounds rather good right now (I'm in the drowsy phase again).
Tags: ack, bitch, bullshit, cranky, dumb, fear, feh, fsck, healing, meh, misery, o noes, poor me, sick, ugh

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