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Love is in the Air

so we're two thirds through the annual "The Holidays" trifecta, and in fact are about to head into the best part - our New Year's retreat! we'll join a group of friends and move into cabins at a place that is a nature camp for children in the warmer months. this place is right on the ocean and we have it all to ourselves! it's fabulous, four days of Awesome! a great way to start the year.

xmas this year was pretty sweet, I have to say. the business had a very nice little xmas boom. it was a real improvement from last year when our domain was being held hostage (and offered for sale even) by 1&1 Internet for the entire pre-xmas online shopping month. we also got our miracle tree, without which we probably wouldn't have even bothered to decorate. although I don't really believe in cutting down a tree for a temporary decoration, it's so beautiful and the room does smell lovely. oh, and the gift I got the Bunny? Went The Hell Over!

on Thursday we got dressed up and attended a fabulous xmas eve soiree where we saw so many old friends - it was truly delightful! then on xmas day, we went to a different home for a day of eating, laughing, drinking, eating, watching movies, drinking, eating, hanging out, and vintage cartoons sync'd through pure happenstance to amazingly perfect music from my ipod, which was playing because for some reason everyone suddenly decided they absolutely HAD to hear "Love is in the Air" RIGHT THEN, and guess whose ipod *that* was on?


so everyone jumped up and started dancing wildly to the glorious strains of "Love is in the Air" - it was one of those perfect moments I will never forget. yay, disco xmas! ;-)

then of course we got back to the eating and drinking. the food was delicious and varied - we all took turns making something (Jovino and I did grilled cheese sammitches). the cartoons were mostly from the '20s and '30s, all xmas themed and *wow* were some of them WEIRD! the way they matched up to the shuffled ipod music was really incredible, including some transitions that had us all stunned. then we watched JAWS, which was hilarious - but still pretty scary. I remember being a kid on Fire Island in the '70s and seeing the shark patrol, even being told to get out of the water right away when a (suspected) shark was spotted - of course, most of the time the "shark" would then fly away, revealing itself to actually be a gull.

after that we took a break and then watched the "Xmas" episode of Futurama, which I'm pretty sure I'd seen before. it was a nice changeup from Jaws. after this, everyone was pretty well done and there was one of those mass exoduses that you sometimes see at parties.

but basically, we sat around in our jammies ALL DAY (Jovino lent me his red fox and he was Christmas Bear). we all pretty much just ate and drank and sat around and fucked off for the entire day - it was AWESOME. very relaxing!

today, we did some sewing and I made us a healthy dinner as an attempt to counterbalance the wretched excess of the past couple days. we're chilling out as the rain falls on the roof. the tree is lit up (I'll probably take it down tomorrow; it has to go before we leave for New Years) and the Crackling Fire video is going on the little b/w tv. Bruce is snoozing under a blanket that also covers my legs (she just loves to be "Under Covers") and Jovino is by my side on his lappertron. I'm warm and happy, and ready for the last hurrah of 2009!

in other news, I'm back in touch with a couple of sweet friends from many years ago. it's been great catching up, though the whole timezone thing combined with my nocturnal tendencies has made chatting bit hit or miss. however, it's really cool to see how we're really all pretty much the same people, and it's super sweet to be back in communication with good friends. this would have never been possible without the internet. thanks, Internet!

I'm hoping for some F2F meetings in the coming year. <3!
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