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FUCK the Republicans
they are SO morally bankrupt (and out to lunch in general) but never so much as in the health care debate.

I've been told that "health care is not a political issue" and that "it doesn't matter what happens because *I* have health insurance from my job." fuck that too.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some sort of public option. if it doesn't happen, I'll still be out in the cold like I always have been, since I don't have a corporate job to provide benefits for me.

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neonbunny From: neonbunny Date: November 9th, 2009 06:57 pm (UTC) (Link)
I'm with you. I can't understand how many people are against this. Don't they realize that the US is the only first world country with a third world health care system? Don't they realize that this is because of the health care system? Don't they realize that even if they have health care from a job now, most likely they will be laid off once they hit 50, and no one else will ever hire them, because the amount that companies have to pay for these people is infinite? Don't they realize that insurance companies look at this as health insurance (ie, only to be given to those in extreme good health, and payouts only on quick accidents, and to drop those that have made a claim in the past), but we don't need health insurance, we really need health care for all!

I really hope the House's plan passes. The senate plan is full of all kinds of things that will cause complete fail. The biggest thing they are saying is great about the Senate plan, is that it will let insurance companies sell plans on an open market. Is that like the subprime mortgage market of 03? What's to keep a health insurance company from say, selling off every plan they have of anyone who's ever been diagnosed with cancer at a bulk rate to some small insurance company who has trouble getting their own clients. What's to prevent this smaller company from then going bankrupt, ending up with each and every one who was in this open market pool from being without any coverage?

Yes, the health care system in America is really really fucked right now. What saddens me is all the stupid people in this country who are living in denial. (De Nile, not just a river in egypt).
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