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readings readings... you'd think the bookmobile just went by!

so friday night I did my first party - not through the new agency, this was giving informal, free (and untimed) readings at a friend's small gathering. most of the folks I read for were people I know, although I'd never met a few of them before. it went REALLY well, and confirmed for me that I am on the right track now!

one of the sitters asked me to write up my thoughts about the cards we turned over and insisted on paying me to do so. it feels so good to be really working with this stuff!

I've done a couple of readings around this (one reading for myself, and another when a friend came over and we read for each other) and I am getting a big Just Do It sign!

my first party for the agency is supposed to be this weekend and that's pretty exciting! I'd be nervous, except that last friday went SO well.

I'm also curious about doing readings by email, which I have seen many people advertising. so if you would like a reading, ping me at tarotbym on the mail of gee. you don't have to state your question but you may. a general statement at least is helpful. you can request a three or five card reading, or a "one or two cards for each option" reading. if you're not sure, email me and ask.

preference will be given to outta towners if I get a lot of requests but I will do my best to get to everyone!
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