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Well, another Thanksgiving day...
I know holidays are cheesy and we should be more grateful all the time... and I know that Thanksgiving, as most holidays, has a horrible history attatched that people mostly gloss over... but still, I like Thanksgiving. It commemorates some people helping out others who really needed it (they'd have been better off if they'd let them starve, as it turned out, but nevermind that.) And it's about gratitude. And gratitude is a good thing, always.

So... Thanksgiving.

I'm thankful to be here typing this. I'm basically healthy and overall I think I'm doing well. I'm grateful to Joseph for fixing my powerbook for me. And I'm glad to have the 'net and this site. Pretty cool! I remember when there was no graphical interface and you practically had to have a computer science degree to send email off system. Things have really changed.

I have a lot of wonderful friends around me. I feel so fortunate to be where I am in life. I'm grateful beyond words for the BF and the relationship we have. Amazing! To be so loved, to truly be *partners* to each other, the care and respect we show each other - and we are still very much our own individuals, openly and honestly living our lives, being friends with each other's lovers - this is the kind of life I have always wanted, the kind of love I dreamed about but didn't know if it was really possible. I am so, soooo grateful for this! Thank You, Aphrodite! ;-) I hope I can continue to live up to my dreams and desires for us... I know everyone has their moments, and sometimes the little niggly everyday stuff gets into the forefront and takes up more energy and attention than it should. That's really my only concern... that we not let the everyday stuff blind us to the joy and beauty we have together. That we not forget how special this is. I think we do really well, making sure to have special times together (and honestly, we have so much fun together most of the time, no matter what we're doing. Raa!) ;-)

I'm also dating (though slooowly... scheduling!) But it's good, and I'm thankful for that. I've been seeing two very sweet, very different men, and thoroughly enjoying the time I've been able to spend with each. They haven't met each other yet, but both have met BF. Things are good. I'll stop there as I haven't really spoken with either one of them about my writing here... it's sort of "public" (though I have no idea how many people read this and no way of telling, but I think not very many. I rarely get comments, I can say that much.) But I'm aware of the potential for "telling others' stuff" here, and don't want to make anyone uncomfortable.

Back to gratitude. I am also grateful to be where I'm at with the ex. We are getting along better than we had in some time... mostly I think because of shifting many many things over to the Land of Not My Problem, and also simply because we both *want* to get along. As I've said before, we broke up so we could be friends again... we hadn't been very good at that for some time. Where we are now is friendly and mostly really comfortable. We can talk, we can do things for each other, we're friends with each other's partners, I get to stop by to see Pouncer without it being uncomfortable or dramatic or whatever. We're both SO much happier than we had been, it's good.

And I live in a nice house, with reasonable rent, a chill and communicative and fun housemate (whose boyfriend is a good guy) and enough space. Life is good!

And, have I mentioned lately that *I have a drivers license* for the first time in my life! Oh yeah!

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