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hot tea and warm fuzzies

sorry about all the bitching lately! sheesh! I hate reading journals that are just all bitching so I for sure do not want to go there too much with mine.

I have to say I am excited about life these days. the bat pre-orders are going well, and we should have them in our eager little paws later this week. I can hardly wait to send 'em off to their new owners!

I'm also doing a lot more with tarot lately and absolutely loving it. more on this later! but if you are interested in a reading, I am looking for opportunities to practice. free if you come to me, negotiable if I need to travel (especially if I need to travel in this rain!) I do love the rain - but admittedly, mostly *hearing* it from inside with a lovely cup of tea.

speaking of which, my sweet little iron teapot is calling me, along with the latest installment of an audio class I am taking. ttyl!
Tags: living well is the best revenge, tarot

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