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so my theory set on tuesday actually went really well. I've recently been having a bit of a crisis of faith in myself, dj-wise. I've taken on an apparently herculean task, and it can be slow going.

on the upside, I really did enjoy my set at the campout over memorial day. I did dj scheduling and gave myself the closing set - which seems (to me) like a plum spot, but no one else *ever* wants it (honestly I have only ever been able to give it to one other DJ and she did great but most of 'em don't appreciate what a key time it is, and bitch about having to go last) so it's also just easier. that went REALLY well and even the tracks I suspected no one (but me) would like really went over. so, that helped. but, I'm still not there yet, and I just want to hide out and practice until I am!

unfortunately there are a number of other things I also have to attend to, many of a higher priority (work, making dinner, home maintenance stuff, etc) and then at night I'm tyord - and also really REALLY would prefer to practice when no one has to hear the bad mixes.

but, yes... it is coming along. and I have ben receiving encouragement, from both likely and unexpected sources. so, that helps.

I've been really quiet here lately. part is that I have a tendency to clam up unless I have something nice to share, and part has just been an energy issue, and the fact that a lot of my computer time lately has been devoted to music stuff - online research, and I'm also cataloging my many CD compilations in a database so I can more easily locate (and, for that matter, know) which tracks I have and where they are. I'm still here, just quiet. also not always reading as much, so if you made a big announcement via LJ I would love to hear about it! you can ping me through my userinfo here, or through the bunnywarez site.

also, bummed that I can't afford to get to my sister's wedding... stupid money. I just looked at Amtrak and there is no way! and flying, especially flying alone, is even worse (plus UGH AIRPORTS). so, no go. dammit.
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