red-headed stepchild in the house of love (djmermaid) wrote,
red-headed stepchild in the house of love

gimme just a lil moar tiemz!

ahhhhh.... so, today I spent more time working on my mix. over the past two days pretty much nothing at all happened, due mostly to antihistamine-induced lethargy. ugh. fucking poison ivy. whatever.

I do have to admit that today's effort turned out the best so far - and, that my strategy of avoiding the antihistamines today seems to have helped a great deal. no srprz there!

it's still not suitable for human consumption, but it's getting better, and I'm actually really happy with the track selection. it's all fine-tuning from here.

I've been asked why now for this... and the short answer is: I blame Bobby Viteritti!

before I started hearing his mixes the best authentic (vintage) disco DJ set I had ever heard was Larry Levan's set from the Paradise Garage, and while Larry is pretty much universally revered as a god among disco DJs, his mixing was only ok-to-good on a technical level. (his taste was impeccable, though - and track selection really does weigh more heavily than technical skillz, especially in the moment - although of course having both at once is the way to REALLY fly.)

anyway, all the other "back in the day" disco dj recordings I'd ever heard were even rougher on a technical level. so, I figured that it must just be impossible to mix disco really smoothly. I thought that this music was simply not going to work like that, and that was just the way it was... until I found Bobby. *his* stuff blew me right outta the water, and I began to realize that it WAS actually POSSIBLE to smoothly mix the old-school disco - it's just really hard!

so then, of course, I HAD to do it myself.

which brings me to right now. working, working. as soon as this thing is fit for human consumption, you can be sure I will post a link. in the meantime, wish me luck!!! :-D
Tags: disco, dj, dreams, musics, si se puede

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