February 18th, 2011


The Sto' in the 'Stro is No Mo'

it's a new dawn.  yesterday, we finished loading out from the shop in SF.  so, today, we don't have to go ANYwhere.  there are a few packages to be mailed out, but we are no longer on a rigid schedule.  YAY.

I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity, and really glad it's over.

I did some back of envelope calculations and it appears to me that between 12/13 and 2/12 we missed a total of seven weekend days - as in, we frequently worked straight through the weekend (or only got one day off) over those 9 weeks.  DAMN.  and, actually looking back, it might be even more since we also had the rather unfortunate Crucible holiday sale - for which we foolishly skipped a fantastic party with friends from out of town - right before that.  so basically our weekends have been taking it in the pants for three months or so.  we didn't even get a break after FC which itself was seven days of working every day!

well, not any moar!

now, we can start up production again, get our house back in order... oh yeah, and plan a freakin' wedding that is in like three months!  yi!

the cats are thrilled already.  and I am really pleased to be getting back to our core business, and other important stuff (like having a life).  we did have a fabulous Valentine's day - Jovino got us AMAZING seats to the Avenue Q preview show on Tuesday, and afterwards we went to one of our favorite late night restaurants for some incredible food.  it was a great kickoff to our new era of NOT working retail!