April 28th, 2010

sewwious goggles


so I've just emerged from nearly an entire week of back pain - and let me tell you, I am going to the goddamn GYM just as soon as I feel back to 100%!

I'm 43. I don't feel old. nevertheless, I've thrown my back out twice in the past couple of years (although never before that). so even though this second episode isn't as severe as last time it's certainly enough to get my attention, and cause me to act to change this while I still can.

in case you've never had one, back injuries are awful. nearly everything you do, any move you make pulls on your back one way or another. waking up this morning and realizing it was only twingey and not excruciating made me want to jump for joy! (I refrained as I want to maintain this wonderful improvement... heh)

as soon as is feasible (I'm thinking Tuesday) I want to start going to the gym and working on core and back strength. it's really been a long time since I danced regularly (obviously, as this would never have happened to me then) and it is TIME for me to get back to it.

I'm really grateful that this is an option for me, and that I *can* do this. so, watch out, here I come!