February 13th, 2010

sewwious goggles

2010-02-13 unfinished

so we were supposed to go over to SF for teh Chinatown Bang, but it just kinda didn't happen. that's ok with me, I need to be sure not to miss my hang-out date tomorrow in SF with a super cool international dj/producer who is comping Jovino and me in to his gig after we hang out!

been thinking a lot about life and death. very sad about Alexander McQueen. hearing of his death reminded me of his mentor Isabella Blow, someone I long envied for her glamorous life. she killed herself too. she had cancer, when she finally succeeded, but that wasn't her first try.

I can understand it, even though I've never been all that close to actually wanting to do it. as my mom (who also had her moments of desperation and on several occasions nearly succeeded) once told me: "sometimes you have to go left foot right foot" and just get through.

I could to go on at length about my thoughts around this but I think I am gonna go soak in my hot tub instead. sometimes, choosing the immediate gratification over the gaze du navel is the right thing to do.