February 5th, 2010

sewing machine

whew! spring cleaning!

we Bunnies have been *very* industrious the past 2 days - we pulled ALL of the fabric out from our overstuffed storage room, reorganized all the inventory bins, and sorted, inventoried and replaced the fabric in an organized fashion with the most used things easy to get at. whew! I feel like I've been schlepping fabric around all day for two days! (imagine that.)

so now we're all organized, and we know what we've got too! (six separate short partial rolls of white fleece... for one thing.) part of the reason for this is that doing production style sewing you need to be sure it's all the *same* - have you ever seen a cheap garment with, say, one sleeve that seems to be the same fabric but the color is a bit off, rendering the entire garment worthless? yeah, you want to avoid that. any time something doesn't come out at the end of the process, with all the work in it, it's so frustrating. but doing one-offs or smaller batches of stuff we can use up these fabrics without having that bite us in the butt, and the bigger quantities can still be used in production.

so now the plan is to use up some of this stuff, and come out with some new items for the playa/campout season. I'm excited! we have some great fabrics, some cool and unusual specialty furs, and we're going to be able to offer some really great stuff made from them soon, without having to purchase new fabrics to do it. WIN!

I also discovered a few things that were purchased for personal projects which never happened due to focussing constantly on work or else being so tired of working that more sewing just didn't sound like any fun at all - and now I'm inspired anew to get going on them.

AND we have some cool new tuff up our sleeves to prototype soon! wheee!

ok now I am gonna sit down and have a nice cold beer. I've earned it!