October 9th, 2009


and then...

well, talk about your dualities/union of the opposites. heh.

so before I got into my little funk the other night ("click, close, put it away" to quote MC Frontalot) I sent out a few friend requests to HS theater friends. only one has responded... a really sweet guy (who I totally had a crush on BITD). he responded so kindly - saying he remembers me. it felt really good! he was one of those popular kids who was totally unassuming and nice, and it's clear that this has not changed about him.

the interaction I had with him around this was sweet and uplifting... and it reminded me that everything contains both positive and negative aspects.

I want to say that I really appreciate the comments and good thoughts around my previous posting. I'm not really all that scarred over the incident (in fact I had forgotten it until seeing the other dude's name brought back some of the darker aspects of my life back then). however, it does piss me off, especially in context with current events and the apparent willingness of some - even women - to sell this poor girl down the river.

anyway! there are also positive experiences to be had on FB (although I am there under an assumed name, as FB's business practices - I am talking about data mining, which is their admitted raison d'etre - do not constitute one of the positive aspects). but I will admit, that getting these sweet messages from someone I knew and admired has made it worthwhile.

and, yes, my life is AWESOME now, and I appreciate the hell out of it!!!

more on this later - I am about to receive a tattoo from Jovino - a lemniscate. soo excited!