September 25th, 2009


O M G (or, the tail of the encontrado perro)

so, about half an hour ago, the phone rang. it was some of our favorite neighbors. turns out they'd found a lost dog and were trying to find a place for it to stay overnight. since they have four cats and no catproof room, they asked us. I got all strict and told them this was a foster situation only and that we too had four cats (not all of which get along, as it is) and they said that someone would surely be looking for this sweet, tame and very friendly small dog. ok, I said. then, they handed me the dog (actually she really wasn't all that into handing the dog over, which said a lot in itself). so this doggy is small, and so far chill and well behaved. he may be part peke, not sure what else... but pure adorable and sweet.

so now we have a little crate set up out in the shop, and we'll be going out for walkies before bed.

wish me luck with this! I love dogs, but we really are full up with the 4 cats right now...

[edit] so I went out with a leash to take him out for walkies and he absolutely cowered in the crate, not wanting to come out at all. I got him out and just held him on my lap for a while. he calmed down and snuggled into my lap. this doggy is totally used to people, and if he was abandoned rather than lost, his former owners are FOOLS, because he is so sweet, calm and well behaved! so I never made him go outside, I figure he can make it til morning and if not it's only an old towel and a chunk of fleece - but I bet you he makes it just fine. he seems really civilized.

we're going to make posters in the morning, and I bet his family will quickly claim him. I'll be sorry to see him go.