May 13th, 2009

sewwious goggles

I'm still here

rocked another fresh dinner tonight! this time the star of the show was actually the salad. it featured locally grown cabbage with home grown mint, a mustard vinaigrette, pine nuts and ruby grapefruit sections. OM NOM NOM. I don't think I've ever wanted seconds on a cabbage dish so much before! and very healthy too.

the rest of the meal was pretty basic, but good. I made leeks and carrots, braised with garlic and finished with thyme and a squeeze of lemon. this came out ok, although I want to rework it for next time. some people seem to like their veggies cooked a LOT more than is my preference. even so, it tasted really good and the house still smells terrific from the first step of sauteeing the leeks.

I've been trying a lot of new recipes lately and really enjoying it. it doesn't always come out quite to my liking, but I always get ideas for how to change things up. in fact, I improvise a lot now, mostly only looking at recipes for technical advice or ideas for flavor combinations. it's a really fun way to cook!

I've also been organizing an event that is coming up, and spending a lot of time on that. I'm still kinda wiped from How Weird but it went well and I'm really looking forward to doing more sales this summer.

well this is a pretty dull entry, but it's my life!


thinking a lot about music lately. the flow throughout history, how the various threads weave and unweave.

for the past few weeks I've been having a really hard time getting myself to do my theory show. partly it is a time issue - there is actual *work* that needs to get done that has a higher priority. but also, I am kinda not motivated to make the time, because right now I am in a state of change and growth, and I'm not "there" yet... so I just want to hide away and practice where no one can hear.

hopefully I'll get to a point where I feel like spinning in front of people again soon. we have a campout in about a week that I usually spin at so hopefully I'll be ready to do SOMEthing by then. wish me luck!
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