March 28th, 2009


lost in music

started work on my disco demo mix tonight. well, I've been auditioning tracks for a while already, but tonight I made my first stab at an actual mix. it went pretty well!

right now there is a (hott!) fire lit under my big disco butt... for two main reasons:

1) the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are having their 30th Anniversary celebration this Easter (in just a few weeks) and I really really really wanna spin some old school disco for 'em... and it HAS to be KICKASS!

2) (ok, maybe this is actually #1!) my DJ idol BOBBY VITERITTI has generously offered to check out my mix and give me some advice [insert fangirl squeeing etc!]! srsly, it is super kind of him to do this for me - and so I am working on my "homework" so I can turn it in when he comes back from teh WMC in Miami next week. he has specifically admonished me against "doing it ten times" to try to impress him because then there would be nothing to critique. I really don't think he has much to worry about there! %-)

also, there is something of an actual disco scene going on in SF right now and I really want to connect with some of those folks. having a good demo will help!

so I did a preliminary mix tonight just to play around with some of the tracks I'm thinking of using, and it actually came together better than I'd anticipated. I wrote down the tracks I played and tomorrow I'll run through them again in the same order and record it on the computer so I can give it a really good listen and think about where I want to go from there.

I'm so psyched for this project! I <3 teh disco!!! hopefully this will bring me some gigs spinning the music that I love the best... which is old school disco and rare groove!