March 24th, 2009


dj stuff

I am working on a new mix/demo and my head is far into discolandia right now, and into dj stuff in general. I've got to find some sort of mac app that lets me catalog my CDs by sticking them into the computer, there's NO WAY I will ever manage to do it otherwise!

while spinning today I had a great im conversation with a fellow DJ friend. we talked about all the deep DJ stuff, like who are you really spinning for and how do you decide what style to play. it was some good stuff, juicy. spinning can be such a solitary thing and I relish the opportunity to talk about this stuff with someone who knows what it's about from the inside.

I went through a whole lot of questioning myself as I got more and more into disco. I mean, sure *I* love it, and it goes over like crazy at Pink Saturday, but am I ever really gonna get DJ gigs spinning thirty year old music that STILL gets mocked as "sucking" as an entire category?!

but, unless I am happy spending the rest of my life spinning pretty downtempo for cocktail parties and art openings, I'm going to have to find out. and there is only one way to do that.

there IS something of a disco scene in SF so I have some ideas as to where to take my mix once it's done. in the meantime, work work work.