March 15th, 2009


never thought I'd feel this way and I gotta say that I Just Don't Get It

"...and I will never be set free as long as I'm a ghost that you can't see" - If You Could Read My Mind (believe it or not, this disco classic was originally written by Gordon Lightfoot!)

anyway. obviously NO ONE can read my mind. people can't even read my twitter feed and understand what I'm on about!

so, you know that tattoo I got right after wondercon? it's still itchy and healing. so. when you're healing a tattoo you can't wear anything too tight over it. this means I have been spending even more time than usual in my jammiez and as comfy as they are, I'm getting kinda sick of not having many options. I've twittered a few times about the tattoo, and yesterday I bitched about not having a choice of what to wear, saying "I don't know how u pregnant chicks can stand it for 9 months" and BAMMO EVERYONE THINKS I AM PREG. which I did NOT SAY. I said "U PREGNANT CHICKS" - ie, U - NOT ME. but people are so baby-happy that they are all freaking out about how awesome it is.

and it is pushing my last button. people are all congratulating me and shit. I AM NOT PREGNANT - AND, IT WOULD NOT BE A GOOD THING IF I WAS! for fuck's sake, I am starting a BUSINESS!

ugh. I know they are trying to be nice, but OMG PLEASE, I am HORRIFIED! by the thought! there is more to life than reproducing!!!!!

no offense to parents or anyone, i am talking about ME here and I am having a big ol' fucking SQUICK over this so please just skip over it if you don't like what I said or how I said it, ok? thanks, I REALLY appreciate it. this is actually freaking me out a lot more than it should.

ok, gotta get off the computer and do something productive.