March 10th, 2009


Any Way but Loose

today I did my set on Theory Radio for the first time this year! well, there might have been one in January, I can't remember - but definitely the first time since further confusion. I've really missed it!

despite the fact that I haven't even spun since FC (and that was one hour of mainstream disco for the fursuit dance) it went REALLY well today! I have been listening to a lot of music, and looking up some of the groups Bobby spins. I've found a couple of awesome blogs focussing on rare groove (and even the occasional disco album) and that's been a fun way to find "new" (well, new to me) stuff. there is a lot of great material out there!

sometimes there are sound quality issues with some of the older stuff, which can be really challenging for me - I have to strike a balance between wanting pristine sound, and wanting to be able to play great music that may have some technical limitations (after all, technology has come a long way since the '70s.) I have a friend who has told me (on more than one occasion) that my speakers are distorted - but they aren't, it's just that a lot of the stuff I spin was recorded with live musicians, in the 1970s - and often in studios that were hardly state of the art. it's pretty cool to hear what they were able to accomplish even with the limitations of the equipment!

it's also really educational to hear these tracks unmixed - I hear things in them that make me see why they work well together. it was a lot of fun to get to spin them in different ways, and I stumbled upon a couple of really good combinations too! I started off with mid-tempo dance (a vintage Teena Marie track, from before Lovergirl - and with a much nicer vocal) and then worked from funk/soul over to disco, ending with a smidge of morning music, which was very satisfying (for me, anyway - hopefully listeners didn't wonder why the heck I was slowing it down.) I'm really into the vintage disco (and related music, not just dance music) these days, and I'm already starting to think about my set for PINK SATURDAY this year! (not that I have been booked yet - but hopefully)

my theory set is every Tuesday from 1 - 4pm. give me a listen! - click "listen"