September 8th, 2008


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  • 17:48 just invented a new cocktail: "Namaste' Muthafucka!" + are they ever delicious. chai, soy / almond milk, and vanilla vodka. OM NOM NOMS! #
  • 21:27 @BrodyQat Lipstick Lezbo! :-* #
  • 21:29 @jovino thanks, I REALLY appreciate it! yay, working campout rig! #
  • 21:31 waffling between loving hot showers and food prepared by someone with clean hands, and missing the communal camping vibe. eternal quandary! #

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I almost forgot to mention of the best moments on the playa this year. we were heading out on the Diner for one of our morning trips, and for some reason the music wasn't going on. so we decided we'd have to sing. Connie-Lynne suggested camp songs, and since she went to christian camp, those were the songs we sang. I was shocked at how many words I knew!

we were happily singing at the tops of our lungs, and drawing confused looks from everyone we passed because it was impossible to tell whether or not we meant it. SO much fun!

that kind of thing is a big part of why I go.