July 15th, 2008


we're desperate - get used to it

well actually we're not really desperate... I just treated myself to the first two X albums, remastered (and with a ton of extra cuts - they were hella short so there is plenty of room on the CD.)

man, I used to LOVE this music!

even remastered, it all sounds a bit thin. I know they were made on a shoestring. still the energy is ALL there! what an amazing band. there was never anyone else even remotely like X. I knew people who argued that X wasn't really punk. my response was that most other punk bands just didn't know how to play very well so their music sucked!
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pink hat fire art

ohhhh, was my ASS ever KICKED tonight!

so I've been meaning to check out Ariellah's Tuesday night classes... she offers 60 minutes of yoga followed by 90 minutes of bellydance back to back. this is a perfect format for me as I REALLY need the yoga, and it is also an excellent warmup for the dance.

my oh my did she ever kick my ass tonight! (which is EXACTLY what I have been needing, sad to say.)

the yoga is challenging to me - because I so well remember when I could just *do* something like 90% of whatever the teacher came up with - and now my poor body is so tight and out of shape. also I can't really do downward dog for any length of time at all since my wrists are wrecked... I need to come up with alternatives for the things it works. I've rarely been to a yoga class that didn't do WAY too many of those! so might set up a private class to figure out that stuff.

anyway, I think I'm going to keep going to this class on Tuesdays. it's far away but worthwhile... need to figure out how to get there on bart because I always seem to get lost and stuck in those *%!^&#%$(&^!%$ blocked-off streets in Berkeley (resulting in being half an hour late tonight, dammit.)

another thing I liked about the class was that even when we are drilling, she mentions ways we can personalize the moves, different options for arms or layering. tribal style is so lovely, I love dancing together, but I've been spoiled for pure tribal ever since going to those retreats with Delilah (and some truly astounding guest teachers! wish I'd gone to more when I could.) now I want to *just dance* and not have to hew to a particular format.

in fact, I'm really all about Turkish style lately! Elizabeth Artemis Mourat started it. I took both of her classes at Tribal Fest and totally fell in love with Turkish style dance. then saw some sock-rockin' Turkish style dancing at the Sulyman benefit (which I am SO grateful to have been able to attend, and which I will be posting about soon.) I just love the energy, the earthy quality (as compared to the fluff and coyness and little tinky ballet-influenced moves of Egyptian style - I know, I know, those are fighting words in some quarters.)

interestingly enough, Ariellah happened to mention in passing the name of the instructor whose classes I took a couple of years ago, which resulted in a really painful pulled muscle (and a really deep one at that, it took forEVAR to stop hurting and I still feel it occasionally.) then later on in the class, she went into a move that was the same move that messed me up!

I was instantly nervous about trying it, but she started us off with a total breakdown of what muscle does what when, and that part was ok, so I just kept going and eventually was doing the smooth version, at full speed, with the rest of the class! this is HUGE for me! I didn't quite catch all the variations but considering that it was not only a new move (since you know I dropped it like a hot rock after getting injured and have not gone near it since.) well, I guess I just needed it explained properly, so I could understand how to do it safely!

sometimes I feel like my body is turning into a bundle of broken messed-upness, and getting to actually do this move (especially in just one class!) was really healing for me on a psychological level. it was also one of those "right place/right time" markers for me.

I'm really liking the mix of new and familiar moves too. it's exciting to try new things, but a whole class of new stuff can get frustrating. so I'm challenged by some of it, and then the next thing we do I can magically just do, and work on form (and endurance, heh - drill drill drill!)

I want to start going to the gym regularly again too. it's tough because the heat just drains the motivation right out of me, so I guess I need to go in the evenings. if I keep going to this class though, I am going to need to do some outside conditioning so that my poor ass doesn't get kicked so hard every time! so there's a bit of extra motivation for me. :-)

Ariellah is a really good teacher (and I've experienced a lot of bellydance teachers - just being a good dancer is NOT enough.) she explains things well, understands the musculature, genuinely cares about us getting it, knows a lot, works really hard and expects the same of us. so, it looks like my Tuesday evenings are spoken for for the foreseeable future. I might also continue with ATS classes but I don't know - I do love it (and it is where I got my start with the dance) but the restrictions of the form kinda drive me crazy, so I have to come and go.
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