June 27th, 2008


my life, in 140 chars or less

  • 07:21 just dropped Jovino off at bart for his long journey to play on kzsu. damn it's smoky out. and I think I'm coming down with something. #
  • 07:57 holy crap that was bizarre. I always look at rabbit stuff and this was completely unexpected. tinyurl.com/5trczy (watch it 1st) #
  • 09:28 listening to Jovino spinning live on kzsu: kzsulive.stanford.edu/ happy to be here, happy Ninji is healthy again, happy happy. #
  • 17:07 Ow ow ow ow ow #
  • 21:53 sifting... trying to separate the truly AWESOME from the merely classic. (oh, and it has to all fit together somehow too) #
  • 21:54 @Actiongrl have fun! (I don't even wear jeans in town... then again I don't generally wear faux fur in the *day* either...) #
  • 21:57 @daMongolian got my hair pulled (braided) today. way worse than getting tattooed! hurts more, for longer, and only lasts a couple months. #
  • 22:59 @Actiongrl well of course... but then, fuck those people anyway! at least most of them are too new to have thought to bring megaphones. #

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