June 25th, 2008


lj etc

interesting hearing why people who hate twitter posts hate them. I actually don't mind - I mean of course I'd rather read a *real* lj post but the little peeks into my friends' days can be enjoyable to read. I'd go for days without posting anything if it weren't for twitters, and for myself I like the little snapshots of time, they remind me of what was going on when I don't have time to sit down and write an essay.

speaking of which, I could SO write an essay about my experience of gathering music for pink saturday this year... but I haven't got the time, we've had a lot of new stuff to deal with with the company (all good but it does take time and effort) and then working on the music takes time as well. so I can't sit at the computer and write. maybe after the weekend! you know I'll do a big long post about PS and the weekend.

anyway... hi everyone!