June 1st, 2008


good news on the Ninji front

so we came home from teh club tonight and Bruce was (as usual) dancing around and begging for food... and this time Ninj was also hanging out in the kitchen looking expectant. (this is a big deal, because she's shown no interest in food since she got sick.)

I put out a bowl for each of them, and sat down to see what would happen.

while Bruce chowed right on down, Ninji approached her bowl and gave it a sniff. I held my breath. she licked her nose, sniffed, and then after a pause, she put her paw into the bowl and picked up a bit of food, which she licked off her paw. I was trying not to look too closely (or feel too excited) so as not to distract her. then, she did it again!

that was enough for her - but, this is HUGE! this is the most interest she has shown in food since she got sick!

afterwards, she came down and sat on my lap, purring her little head off.

I think we are about to turn the corner.

please keep the good juju and well wishes coming!

tiem for beds nao...