May 31st, 2008


ack, pthbbbbb

this force-feeding of the cat is wearing on me. (she isn't happy about it either, of course...)

4 times a day, I have to wrap her in a towel and shove food into her mouth, while she alternates between looking sad and struggling, growling and trying to spit it back out. I also have to give her a pill, and one special gob of food with powder in it (1/6th of a capsule, WTF!) oh and I have to give her daily subcutaneous hydration as well, since she also is not drinking water.

this is because she is suffering from hepatic lipidosis, and the loss of appetite is part and parcel of this. I have to keep getting food into her, and eventually she'll feel better enough to eat on her own. please do not suggest the various "bribe foods" as I have tried them all (and even on a good day she won't eat chicken, tuna, etc anyway - she's a very picky eater, which is what started this whole thing.) like I said, the anorexia is because of the FHL, and the treatment is the force-feeding. there's no way around it.

it was nice having a weekend off, but now I have been back at it for a week and it is grinding me down. (in the meantime, she was boarded at the vet, so she had all the same stuff she hates, except administered by strangers, so there was no break for her while I was out in the woods.)

it's so hard to keep a good attitude and find the energy to do this along with all the other stuff I'm supposed to do. the good news is that once we get her past this it should be over and done with - it is unlikely to reoccur. so there will be years and years of good times with her - once we get through this.

I'm also making a point to hang out with her in between feedings, and bring her down to sit on the couch with us if we are watching a movie or having computer time. that way she is still part of the family, and has some experiences of me that don't have to do with being wrapped in a towel and having cat food smeared all over her. (it ends up all over both of us, it's so gross. but it is the only way.)