April 18th, 2008


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oh hai.  haven't posted in a while.  I thought I set up the thingy to post my twitters over here earlier today, but it doesn't seem to have worked.  I've been posting there more than here for various reasons - sometimes it's just easier to pop over there and do a short post (or txt one in) and then I was down in LA for most of this week, and managed to forget my laptop cord, so it was no lj reading or posting for me.

all I had time to do was briefly pop into email, and my time there was absorbed by the sad saga of the death of a favorite old-skool burner friend of mine.  he was in the hospital to treat a non life threatening thing, and was infected with one of those *nosocomial* superinfections - in other words, a drug-resistant infection CAUSED by the fucking HOSPITAL.  he was dead within a few days.  this is so fucking wrong I can hardly express it.  I'm terribly sad, in shock, and also REALLY angry. 

when Allison died, I was angry at the situation.  now, I am angry at SF General!  this should never have happened. it was something simple, like someone forgetting to change their gloves, or using an implement that was not properly sterilized.  I know healthcare is a challenging field, but the fact is that someone screwed up and because of that my friend is DEAD.  he did NOT deserve that.

I feel like I should be writing about how awesome Jeff was, and I will get to that, but at this moment I am way too pissed off to manage that. he was a truly unique person, with great energy and enthusiasm for life, and at least I can say that he really lived - even if it was for far too short a time.

more later.  I have to go to bed now.  the memorial is tomorrow, hopefully that will help.  I also have a tattoo appointment, ironically/perfectly.
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