April 4th, 2008


dance, emo bunny, dance


trying, trying, to get my dance groove back, but it is an uphill struggle.  the picture in the icon is me - well, it WAS me... back in, what... 2003? 2002? 

so, I was trying to do a video workout tonight... and it was so hard... and even worse, I knew I should have been able to do better.  and, the point is that I could have, not so long ago - but, I blew it.  I lost it. 

I let it go. 

to the point that I can barely keep up in class - and I'm reduced to watching a video of some 23 yr old, doing yoga that I can barely keep up with, when I would have been able to do it all with a smile on my face, back in teh day.


and... why, oh why did ever let it go?!  why oh why?!?!?  what was the point?  what did I get for it?  nothing, I tell you... NOthing.

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