March 24th, 2008


Bunny Weekend 2008

A lovely weekend...

Jovino rocked the house like a mad house-rocking bunny at Bunny Jam!  The organizers always push the concept of "bunny music" (which seems to translate to cartoon themes, children's music, and polkas) but (to my great relief) the majority of DJs they booked were actually dance DJs.  Even "Dr Friendly" abandoned his trademark polkas for (equally jangly and discordant) techno beats with bunny samples interspersed.  Jovino came on right after that, and quickly took the dancefloor from a deserted wasteland with 4 or 5 people to a lovely floor-filling dance groove in no time.  It was the perfect closing set for the room, and he finished it off with a beautiful little wind-down setlet of lovely favorite bunny songs, and not a jangly discordant bit among them.  Joy! 

Jovino wore his amazing latex bunny suit, and looked delicious.   I dressed as a pirate bunny... man, pirates are REALLY played, it was actually kinda embarrassing (although pirate is fun to act.)  I really enjoyed hanging out with friends - we saw a ton of folks we knew.  A friend, dressed as a steampunk bunny, saw my sword and challenged me to a duel (he had some sort of raygun apparatus.)  "Ok!" I responded, "VOGUEING!"  He looked surprised, but that's how duels work - the challengee gets to pick the weapon.  He hastily declined (much to my disappointment - I was ready to go) and so I won - by default, but a victory nonetheless!  (I'm sure he'd have at least tied had he taken up the challenge - however, as a victorian gentleman, perhaps it would have been unseemly.)  Anyway, YAY, I WON A DUEL!  %-)

Another hilight of bunnyjam started off on a disconcerting note... we went out to check out the patio where I saw a large orange furry bunny.  A second look confirmed, to my dismay, that this was none other than the suit I'd made, years ago, for the abusive ex!  Fortunately, someone else was inhabiting the suit.  This was an odd and interesting experience.  It took some getting used to, to shake the auto-cringe response when seeing it out of the corner of my eye.  I really want nothing to do with the abusive ex, and would love it if he would die, or move to the Antarctic, or something.  However, seeing just the suit *with him nowhere near* was actually positive.  I worked hard on that bunny suit, it came out great, and it is nice not to have to cringe when I see it, and not to have to expend energy avoiding it.  That relationship did a number on me, and I'm still disappointed in myself for putting up with so much abuse, for so long,  and being suckered into believing that it was my fault, and was going to get better, before I finally got out.  I'm mostly healed from it now, but I still want nothing to do with the abusive ex.  Having my creation removed from the equation really made me happy!

The next day we enjoyed delicious french toast (Jovino makes the best french toast EVAR) and headed over to Dolores Park for the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence's annual anniversary party.  We got there on the late side, but we saw quite a few friends and caught the end of the Hunky Jesus contest as well.  It was a glorious sunny day and the beautiful freaks were out in force.  I went low-key, and wore my favorite red dress (the wrap dress that had belonged to Allison.)  I was really missing her while getting ready for bunny jam - it was always one of her favorite events, and it just doesn't seem right that I'll never see her again.  It does get easier... but, then again, it also continues to SUCK.  So it felt good to rock her dress in the San Francisco sunshine.  She'll always be a part of SF, and of me.

The Sisters shut down their sound system (I want to see if I can get a short disco set there next year!  Even an hour would be awesome!) and we started thinking about grabbing a bite, when this guy rolled up with one of those adult sized trikes, tricked out with speakers and a deep cell battery, and proceeded to throw down a lot of classic '70s grooves.  I think the sound source was an mp3 player, but I couldn't tell.  I didn't see a laptop so I'm guessing it was a preset playlist instead of live spinning.  In any case, he had a little dance party going in no time - renegade in Dolores park, in daylight no less!  That type of setup (with maybe a laptop, so you could mix for reals) would be SWEET on the playa... just bike out someplace and have a party!  Tempting, tempting.  If you added a small subwoofer (like a car audio one) you'd probably also need a second battery but the sound would be much improved.  Well, I already have a project for this year, but maybe for 2009...

We finally managed to tear  ourselves away and walked over to Chow on Church street for a delicious dinner, and the perfect ending to a delightful weekend.  I had their AMAZING roast chicken - my favorite dish.  I've been reading about roasting chicken in Cook's Illustrated (my food pr0nz of choice) and I think I now have some idea of how they manage to have the skin crispy yet keep the meat moist.  I'm sticking with my French Chicken in a Pot as the techniques are a bit advanced for me, but trying to figure out how they do it was a fun intellectual exercise.

We're off to an art reception this evening... and then I need to finish setting up my room!  It's coming along nicely, but the weekend did sidetrack me quite a bit.  I'm hoping to pick up a print for my room so I guess I can justify the visit to the reception beyond just supporting our friend's show.
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