March 20th, 2008



life is good.  dance class is going great - I am exactly where I should be, building up strength and endurance and loving it.

the room is coming along.  not as fast as I'd like, but when I'm done it'll be *just so*.  pink wall looks terrific!  Jovino did an awesome job on his room, it looks fantastic and is a fabulous place to sleep, dark and quiet.  the cats have adapted to the crazy new cat door setup we devised (now if we can only get them to quit scratching on the box spring!  time to get out the doublestick tape!)  speaking of cats, they are all cuddled up with me as I type.  Bruce is even purring (purring!) on my lap.  usually she would rather be sitting on Jovino but occasionally she'll get in some lap time with me (when she's not being a furry little jerk and waking us up by scratching the freakin bed.)

haven't had much online time lately, but I've been corresponding with a much beloved former partner via email - my first love, in fact.  we had an amazing relationship, back then.  I'm so glad about this - it means a great deal to me.  this is someone whom I have always dearly loved, and it is really good to be back in contact, and hear how he is doing.

I also reconnected (via twitter, of all things) with a good friend from my days at the well, and we have plans to go hiking in April.  I'm looking forward to introducing Jovino to him (and vice-versa - they are going to totally dig one another.)

bunny jam is saturday, and Jovino is spinning!  he's got the late shift, so if you'll be there, don't go home early!

allergies still suck, the otc meds I have are helping (as I found the other night when I forgot to take them!) but I'm still somewhat uncomfortable.  hopefully it'll go away once the weather changes, or it's going to be a long summer.

in other bummer news, I'm not going to be able to make it to the Grilled Cheese Invitational Nationals.  well, bummer news for *me*, good fortune for the other competitors!  I signed up for a bellydance workshop that weekend without realizing they were on the same date.  I'm going to miss seeing my friends and competing (my sammich was soooo good!) but dance comes first.  (and like I said, it is coming back to me - joy!)

overall, life is really good.  the awesome, I can has it!
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