March 5th, 2008



Today's accomplishments:

Helped Jovino pick out carpeting for his room.  Got the wall I plan to paint cleaned and taped, and did a little extra cleaning of walls, ceiling etc.  I want to tsp the whole room since it is hella dirty and cobwebby, but there's no way I'm painting that entire room!  After I paint I'll be figuring out wardrobe/storage stuff, arranging everything, and thinking about rugs and such.  It's coming along, but there is still quite a lot to do.

After that, managed to find the energy for dance class, and I sure was glad I made it there.  I'm getting back into the groove, and (for the most part) I'm at a point where I can focus on form instead of just trying to remember how the heck to do the moves.  The class is cool, I'm enjoying getting to know the other dancers, and Wendy is a really good teacher.  I'm staring to get a bit of the itch to really *dance* to the music (instead of just drilling) but I am determinedly focussing on form and endurance for now.  I had several dreams about bellydancing last night though... so I know it's coming.

I really hope they start to offer a level 2 class in a couple of months.  I'm sure by then I'll be up to the challenge... and I feel like I'm really on track for the workshops in May, yay!

On the downside - I did make a rather silly error during duets (d'oh!)  Also, one of my fellow students asked me the dreaded question: how long have you been dnacing?  I srsly hate answering that.  She was full of compliments but still I felt hella awkward.

Also, reading American Gods, the Neil Gaiman book that is available to read for free online.  I'm really comfy reading on the lcd screen on my lappertron, and I'm really enjoying the book.  I'm already up to page 215 and I just started it yesterday.

Here's a link:
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