March 2nd, 2008


Gotta keep, gotta keep movin'... gotta keep, gotta keep movin'... gotta gotta keep on!

So Jovino and I decided to swap rooms (we each have our own room here at the Trapezoid.) Like any kind of moving, this is a fuckton of work, but I think we're both going to be pleased with the results.  Since we're switching floors, we decided to skip moving the beds (mine is insanely heavy, but also very comfortable - so hopefully we'll spend enough nights on it that I'll still get to enjoy it's plush wonderfulness.) 

Yesterday I finally got everything *out* of my old room.  I have some sorting to do, but everything is out!  Jovino is in there painting, I can hardly wait to see how it'll look. 

I'm going to make an exploratory trip to Ikea in the next day or so, then throw down for some nicer storage solution than the "plastic bins on wire racks" that I've been using.  And I am getting rid of a lot of stuff!  So psyched about that.

In other news, it's the weekend!  We had big plans to go into SF on Fryday (Leap Day) to see the 'Taytor at 1015 but it became apparent that we were not going to have the energy for that.  Forutnately, a friend who lives in another warehouse just down teh street decided to throw a Leap Day party so we walked 4 blocks and hung out with our friends.  It was great to see folks I haven't seen in a while and  although we were out late, I felt refreshed by the break.

Yesterday was a gruelling day of dealing with the dumb little niggly shit that always gets left til the end of a move.  Once again our friends came through for us, fortuitously choosing to have a "pj's, pizza and beer" partythat was conveniently located in Oakland.  WIN!  As a bonus, we got to see some of our peeps who'd come to town for the 'Taytor show.  After yesterday's long day, pizza and beer in my pj's was *exactly* what I was up for, and it was so nice to get to see people and just hang out being silly.

Today, it's back at it - I am moving *in* to the new room, and sorting through stuff looking for what I want to keep and setting that stuff up in the new room.  I have a fair amount of really cool stuff that's going to go, and Jovino came up with the idea for a big clothing exchange/party that will be here in a couple of weeks.  The plan is co-ed (we're looking into setting up separate boys' and  girls' dressing rooms for the modest, while the brazen can just try stuff on directly.)  Stay tuned for the announcement!

Back to work!

Bonus points to anyone who catches the song reference in my title.  ;-)
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