December 20th, 2007


Most Booful Kwissmass Twee EVAH!

Photos will be posted tomorrow soon. In the meantime, I'd just like to say this:

We built a Kwissmass Twee. It has amazing lighting, sentimental and whimsical ornaments and plushies, vintage sock monkeys, bunnies, carrots, Hello Kitty, plushies in bunny costumes, a plush computer... I could go on. It also has multimedia effects!

Wanna see it up close and personal? Come to movie night tonight (Thursday) It's the Sigur Ros documentary - gorgeous imagery and awesome sound on our pro system! Or, on Sunday, we're screening the Star Wars Holiday (TV) Special from 1978! Both at 8pm. PM me for address.

I'm conflicted (very) about xmas itself. But, I do love a good Twee - especially the way we do it, recycle stylee - no trees had to die, and no fake tree either! This is Jovino's original design using all recycled materials (except for baling wire and zip ties) and the lights are low-energy LEDs and cold cathode tubes.