August 14th, 2007

sewwious goggles

No Sleep 'til PLAYA!

...or so it seems.

I'm trying to keep up my energy and stay positive, but this is just fucking gruelling.  it's like when you are on a long road trip and you drive and drive and still you're not there.  it helps that the order cut-off has (finally) come - at least there is an end in sight.  I just hope we can get through all this stuff soon, and maybe still have a bit of time for our own projects (cat shrine, tent repair, food/bar stock, hair, packing...) forget any new schmattes for us, probably.  oh well.  I've just got to quit letting people buy my own things off my back at these sales!  (they're just so pleadingly insistent...)

I know we'll get through it.  we're just getting ground down from the relentlessness.

hopefully it'll all serve to make that first playa sunrise champagne all the sweeter... gotta keep my eyes on that.
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