August 13th, 2007


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ahhhhhhhh... such a lovely weekend away!

for a variety of reasons, we decided to get the heck outta dodge for the weekend - and was it ever the right choice!

on Thursday night we went up to a lovely relaxing campout party (left town at 10pm - the better to wake up in the yum!) 

we spent our days and nights cold chillin' - I had a DJ set on Saturday afternoon (which I have to say was one of my best: downtempo> rare groove> disco FTW!) but other than that our biggest decisions were whether to soak in the hot tub now or later, where on the lawn to park our butts (sun or shade) and when it was time to make another pizza! (we made fresh baked pizzas with fresh veggies and they came out perfect!)  we also saw tons of friends, including some folks whose paths we don't cross nearly often enough.

and, did I mention the SLEEPING IN!?!! I have never slept so well at a campout.

jovino brought home this amazing foam mattress thing, and OMG if it isn't just like having a real BED in our lovely little tent! I just slept and slept. It was so good for me! (It was rad for the unh unh unh too... heh heh heh.)

the campout was AWESOME! beautiful weather, lovely peeps, just enough excitement to keep it stimulating, yet opportunities for chilling to the Nth degree!

then when we pulled up at home, our neighbors were out BBQing... with a friend who really looked like Allison (at least until she took off her sunglasses.) strange - not bad, but definitely strange.  I miss her.  :-(

I'd felt Allison's presence all weekend long (and one night I wore her red and black wrap dress and her fave perfume, and I felt so close to her there... especially one particular moment hanging out in the kitchen...)

of course I still (and always will) miss my homegirl, but it was really good.

I eagerly await returning to work tomorrow! (I will admit to already having printed out all of the orders that came in while we were away, but I didn't even go so far as to separate out the ones that can be mailed immediately from the ones we need to sew...)

I have to say, the break did us a lot of good. I think we'll write it into our "corporate calendar" for next year!
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counting it down

just a few minutes until the official order cut-off for burning man orders for this year!  (we'll probably accept a few orders for things that are already made up and just need to be mailed, but midnight is the deadline for ordering anything we need to make up.)

it's been a great year this time - much busier than a year ago.  I'm sure being in the JRS helped, and we also have a substantially expanded line, so there's just more to choose from.  so exciting!  I'll be honest and admit that it's been exhausting too, at times.  but we've managed to stay on top of things (though there have been delays, especially during the busiest days.)  we've learned a lot this time and we're already strategizing for next year.  having to plan a year out is kinda crazy, but it also kinda makes sense (and we're still small and flexible enough that we aren't locked in to decisions made a year ago, at least!)  I'm looking forward to being done with this rush, making a few things for *us*, and getting our asses out to the playa for some good times!

we just got an order from someone in Oakland... I'm totally in suspense to see if there will be another, or if that's it for this time!  10 more minutes...
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