January 24th, 2007


Let's Pretend We're Bunny Rabbits

I'm still working on my con report for FC, but in the meantime I want to poke my head up and say how happy I am these days.

I have the best partner - our relationship is really amazing and we communicate really well, and even when he doesn't agree with me or is disappointed in something I have done, he doesn't judge me or ever treat me disrespectfully. I never thought I would have a relationship like this one, and I never have before.

Not only that but I have two absolutely lovely kittens (they are so sweet and loving, so smart, and so much FUN!) Their sister is up for adoption now (or very soon) at SF SPCA.

If you know someone who would like a kitten, I can not reccommend her too highly based on her sisters. You would never guess they were found as tiny feral kittens on a San Francisco street - they are so well socialized, unafraid, and frankly adorable. They are also in excellent health.

FC was awesome - off the hook! I'll post a real report later, but for now I just want to say that just about the whole entire time was total SUPERLOAF!

FC was a special anniversary for bunnywarez, and for me and Jovino as well. We first spent time together at FC 2004 and really enjoyed one another's company as we checked out costuming panels and danced at the first Furtribe party. The next year, we were together, and though we were both going through extremely tough times it was a bright spot (and a welcome break from the challenges we were facing in the outside world.)

Last year was our fist time vending there, and it was not only the first bunnywarez sale, but the inspiration for us forming bunnywarez in the first place.

Jovino started it! He asked if I thought we should get a table and make some ears, tails, and his furry hats to sell, to maybe help pay for our con expenses. I said that sounds like fun - let's do it!

This was six weeks before the con - and by the time we got there, we were bunnywarez! We busted out so many new designs, all of them our original work: the original Ninja Kitty, our cute bunny logo on a fleece hat, our collars and leashes, the puppy hat... etc!

So coming back to furcon was really special for us and I felt SO PROUD!

It was also great to see friends and get to know some folks better. But, this is not the con report! I'm working on that. This is just a quick happy post.

Not everything in my life is perfect, and there are still things that make me sad or angry. But having such a wonderful partner and the magic of kitten therapy are helping immensely, as did such a great furcon.

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