January 15th, 2007


busy, tired, just a bit stressy... and very very happy

We've been working like mad to get stuff made for Further Confusion where we will be vending next weekend. It's hard to predict how many of what to make, though last year's records are helpful in projecting.

Of course we are taking frequent kitten breaks - a great stress reducer!

The little sweethearts are feeling very much at home now, and it is such a delight to have them around. They can often be found snoozing on our cutting table - that is, when we're not enjoying their crazy antics as they chase each other around, getting them all riled up with cat toys, hearing their little voices meowing for our attention, or (best of all, of course) chilling out with them purring on our laps. (My darling little ninja girl is stretched out on my lap right now, softly purring as she drifts in and out of sleep. It's kittylicious!)

I can totally see why Carole fell in love with these sweet girls - they are delightful, and especially smart and well socialized.

***If you are in the bay area and have room in your life for an exceptional kitty, they have a sister who will be up for adoption some time next week - contact me for info!***

It is really doing me good to have kitten love in my life right now. A few people have mentioned that they are surprised that it took me so long to decide to get myself a kitty. My response is that I was not really ready until just recently - I had to truly accept that it was best for Pounce to stay where he was. And frankly, I am SO GLAD that I DIDN'T decide that it was time any sooner! These kittens really are exceptional and I can tell that they are going to grow up into great cats.

I also didn't exactly plan on having two cats. I decided to go ahead and adopt both of them because they are littermates and it would be good for them to keep them together, and also because I figured that they would enjoy playing together, cuddling and sleeping together, and be less lonely, and so be far less bothersome to Jovino's kitty, 4, who is an old lady and not in the mood to deal with the younguns. One lonely kitten would be more likely to try to interact with her whether she was into it or not. This way, they have their world and she has hers. They are mostly staying downstairs (in the Lower Catosphere) while she is keeping to herself in the Upper Catosphere.

So far she has not hissed at them, but neither is she in the least interested in interacting with them as yet. I figure eventually she will accept them as part of the family, but she is taking her time. It's only been a day. For their part, the kittens are smart enough to respect her boundaries, and not push it. I'm sure in time they will all work it out.

For myself, I am happier than I have been in weeks. It's kitten therapy! There is still an Allison-shaped hole in my heart, and I know there always will be. (Though hopefully the edges will eventually stop bleeding so much.) I still miss Pouncer, but I am glad to know he is safe and well cared for. My mama is still gone, and she's never coming back. All these things are true. But... all I can do is go forward. The love and care of my wonderful partner Jovino (who has been especially kind and gentle over the past awful month) and these adorable, sweet, dear little kittles and the joy they bring to our home is comforting me and helping me to heal.

And, ya know what? Life is ALWAYS better with purring.
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sewwious goggles

lap full of love

Dammer... I really should be getting to bed... but I am powerless to move, what with TWO adorable kittens making with teh purr-and-snuggle routine on my lap. I just realized that this is the first time I've ever had the pleasure of cuddling with both of them at once. Awww YEAH!!!!
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