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red-headed stepchild in the house of love

remember the party

so, last night Jovino and I went to the Opulent Temple party on Treasure Island. like any decent rave, we had a bit of an adventure getting there - after taking bart to SF since the east bay shuttle point was over a mile away from bart, the promised free shuttle bus wouldn't let us on (it was full) and we were told to wait at civic center plaza for "20 minutes". there were 4 girls there (some in skirts) who'd also been refused entry to the bus and none of us wanted to hang out in such a sketchy area. so we went over to market street, and eventually found a cab that was willing to drive six people to treasure island.

several huge lines later (culminating with the line for the sani-huts) I was very much in touch with all of the reasons why I don't usually go to massives. it was really nice to get out and dance though, and we also saw a bellydance performance, and ran into some friends too. I brought my black bunny jammiez and put them on around 1:30 - WIN. so comfy and yet still cute - I got a ton of compliments! and loose enough not to rub on my new tattoo.

eventually we had heard all the trancy stuff we could take, and it was time to go. I will say that had they had a proper chill room - you know, one with actual downtempo or even, dare I say it, *ambient* music and not just some mattresses on the floor next to a thumpy room we'd have probably stayed later. the cab driver who took us home was playing kraftwerk and we had a great chat about music during the drive. then Jovino DJ'd for a little while (quietly!) he gave us a great aural palate cleanser after too much of the same kind of thumpy, and then passed out. whereupon, I popped on my headphones and dialed up my favorite Bobby Viteritti closing set. ahh, musical bliss at last! Carl Cox was good and all, but nothing does it for me like the disco. OM NOM NOM! this shit BREAKS MY BRAIN (and makes it all better again too).

I guess this is as good a time as any to mention that I will be back on theory radio starting THIS Tuesday, from 1 to 4 pm! (click "listen").

expect a fairly eclectic blend (the awesome thing about theory is that I can do whatever I feel like at any given moment) but I've also been reading up on my disco history so eventually I'll be leaning more in that direction. oh and I also take requests! ;-)
Tags: awesome, disco, dj, jammiez, party, win

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