October 6th, 2006


it's fucking insane

it's, what, almost 3am here, and someone is running something right outside that sounds like a chainsaw, or a fucking leaf blower - I don't know. a small gasoline engine. it's probably not one of those annoying gas scooters because surely they'd be bored of it by now, as it's been going on for nearly an hour already!

ugh. hopefully it'll be quieter in Jovino's room. tired as I am, the sound isn't exactly conducive to sleeping.

in other news, we've been busy and productive bunnies, and the orders keep coming in. yay google (as far as we can tell, we're getting quite a few orders from random internet searches) and yay legwarmers! I really want to bust out with the new designs we've come up with soon - they're really cool (stay tuned to find out what they'll be!)
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    gas engine insanity