September 21st, 2006



So, I'm still kinda sick... Jovino too. I don't know what to do to shake this thing! And I have a busy weekend of DJing ahead - a gig for the Sisters on Fryday night, and another for a women's BDSM party (pre-Folsom Street Fair) on Saturday night, which requires gear in addition to having me spin for 5 hours. Both should be good parties, and I know I'm going to enjoy playing music for them. I just wish I was back at 100% health and energy.

I'd wanted to go to the love parade on Saturday day in SF to dance around in a really cute bunnywarez outfit and hand out cards but it seems like a really dumb idea at this point. Oh well. Next year we'll be in far better shape to promote anyway.

Speaking of which, we're hard at work on our new online catalog. This is a LOT of work, setting up all the items and their various attributes and options (and the way we do it, where nearly everything we make can be made to order in your choice of colors etc, there are a lot of details to enter!) It's going to be so worth it though.

I'm also having an episode of the renter's blues... besides the issues with losing my cat (due to having to move into a place that didn't allow cats, when I first moved out as I was divorcing, and now my ex unilaterally deciding that the cat is better off with him, never mind that he has a new baby and the cat is home alone all day... when he could be with me instead... SIGH) I just found out that the landlord here apparently forbids composting of all things! It makes me want to tear my hair out!!! W T fucking F?!?!?!?!?

It's really driven home how much at the mercy of the landlord we are. But I do not have anything like the resources to do anything about that - especially considering how much space we have, the design biz we operate here (it's actually zoned for it, this is a true "live/work" space) etc etc. Fucking money! So now I have to take down the compost bin I just got started. Ugh!

Overall though life is good, and I'd have to be an idiot not to see it. The business is coming along, my relationship with Jovino continues to amaze and nurture me, and I've even been getting some cool DJ work. Now if only I could convince the ex to let me have my kitty back... send me good wishes/juju for this, please! He's been really reasonable about most everything else...
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