September 18th, 2006


Another Awesome Weekend!

I live for the weekends... we had a really good one. Did some sewing, and a lot of talking about future plans for bunnywarez; hung out with friends, and our wacky neighbor got a new powerboat and we went for a lovely evening cruise around the bay (we went from Alameda all the way around Alcatraz and back.) I totally want to go out again - maybe hit up one of the restaurants where you can tie up and walk in from the dock. That's always so much fun.

I'd forgotten how much I enjoy being out on a boat, until we were out there. What I haven't forgotten is how to help out on a boat - I know how to steer (really simple with a motorboat) and got to do that for a bit, and also helped as we were docking - I went out onto the bow, and when we were close enough, slipped off the boat and onto the dock and held the boat so it was close enough to the dock to tie up, but not so close that it was in danger of bashing into the wood, til they got the bumpers set... stuff like that. It was so easy, I just innately remember how to do all this stuff. LOVED it! Hopefully he'll take us out again, I love the water.

This unexpected treat caused us to get a late start off to the party that we were spinning - a friend's birthday, at an underground club in SF. So instead of being on 2nd and 3rd, Jovino didn't start spinning until 2:30 (finishing up at 4) and I was after him and went til 5 or so - maybe 5:15, I had to wind down a bit. I really enjoyed both of our sets, I thought we both got off some good mixes and I got to drop a couple of fun new tracks into the mix as well. I was glad we did it, even though we didn't get home until 6am and therefor slept through the How Berkeley Can You Be? Parade (the bunnies always have a contingent, but I don't know what it is with these parades and their early start time - it does NOT work for people who go out at night!)

Eventually we woke up around 1:30 and quickly got ready for the last Sunset party of the year, in Golden Gate Park. Jovino zipped across the bridge and deftly maneuvered across town in record time, and we had a great time at the party, loafing on our loveseat (we're "the people with the couch" at the Sunsets as we always bring our lightweight loveseat out to sit on.) It's a great conversation starter, and we met some nice new folks and even encountered friends who live in our building, who go to all of the sunsets but who we've somehow never actually seen at one. We also got a lot of design ideas at the party, which we took turns sketching in my notebook - so glad I tucked it into the bag as we were leaving!

When the party ended, we packed up and after a quick stop out in the Aves, we parked by the end of Judah street and went out onto the beach to watch the sunset. As we talked, laughed and held hands, we watched a huge container ship we'd passed close by on our boat trip the previous evening head out to sea as our lovely autumn Sunday came to an end. It was one of those rare evenings when you could actually see the sun slip past the horizon, unobstructed by fog. Beautiful! And very romantic. I am such a lucky girl, and so in love - even after 2+ years, I still have a HUGE crush on my baby!

Then we came back home (I love living here!) and I made some risotto, with yellow, red and orange bell peppers and organic trumpet royale mushrooms, plus basil and a lot of garlic. It was amazing, if I do say so myself!

We then snuggled up to watch a movie - the perfect cozy ending to a lovely weekend.

Next weekend is a busy one, with DJ gigs for me on both Fryday and Saturday nights, Love Parade on Saturday and Folsom St Fair on Sunday. I love the bay area!