July 18th, 2006


The Joy of Cooking

I have been cooking up a freakin' STORM lately, and oh, how I am enjoying it!

I made a huge double batch of risotto yesterday, so that I could take some over to the Choybergs to help out as they have a brand new baby (Dash, just born on 7/7 at 7am!)

Peter used to really resent the fact that I didn't cook often. Well, that was then and this is now - I am cooking more and loving it! I hope he likes the risotto - it's a staple around here, and this batch I made with delicious little red, orange and yellow peppers which are so sweet and flavorful! I made their half with parmesan cheese stirred in (usually for Jovino and I I leave it out of the batch and just add it to my serving since he doesn't usually eat any cheese.)

For the Choyberg batch, I left out the garlic, black pepper and salt but included the cheese and shredded basil (just before it went into the freezer.) I have heard stories of nursing babies getting fussy when Mom has had garlic, so I figure better to leave it out and let them season it themselves. For our batch, I left out the parmesan, salt and pepper and also the shredded basil, thinking we could add it at the last minute. Then I ran off to work on the BLD map for That Thing in the Desert. When I got back, Jovino had eaten half of the risotto without adding any seasoning at all! I guess I can count that as a success.

I also just picked up the Stinking Rose cookbook, and boy are we in for some garlicky treats now! Heh heh heh. The recipes look amazing, and most are not that complicated. Right now I have some tomatoes in the oven, being roasted slowly with olive oil, basil, garlic (of course) and a bit of cracked black pepper. My plan is to add them to a salad of organic spring greens this evening! And you know I could not resist wiping every last drop of the olive oil/basil/garlic mixture they were tossed in out of the mixing bowl with a piece of sourdough bread. Teh YUM!

My cooking adventures will be on hold again for the next day or so, as I need to keep on the space clearing project, and it is also looking like I will be transporting some rats from the Petaluma animal shelter (seized from a rat hoarder who had over a thousand rats in his house - that's what happens when you don't keep the males and females separated.) I'll be picking up several carriers of rats from someone in Marin and driving them to San Jose, to drop them off with a woman who is driving to the midwest on Friday.

This will probably take up a great deal of Thursday, but I am very pleased to be able to help out. I've been on an email list that was started up to coordinate rescue efforts and it has been pretty amazing seeing how people are working like mad to save these rats, and get them fixed and distributed to rat rescues (and eventually homes) across the country. There is even someone working from Canadia, doing things like calling the shelter to get information and helping coordinate within the group. The Petaluma rats are going to wind up as far away as Texas, New York, and even Canada. It's so awesome to see this happening. These folks have been super dedicated to saving as many rats as possible, and I'm really impressed with what they have accomplished so far. (I've also been horrified to learn some of the details about animal hoarding, which is more common than you'd think and which is just an awful situation for the animals, who generally end up living in squalor.) In the first few days, the pound freaked out and gassed hundreds of these rats, which is very sad. I can only imagine that it must have been because they had no idea of the may dedicated people out there who were willing to bend over backwards and do anything they could to help these rats and find good homes for them. I am really pleased to be able to do even a small thing to help.

Well, I better head out! Food for the new parents, a visit with them (and my beloved kitty Pounce!) and meeting the new baby. Should be fun. :-)
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