June 1st, 2006


Is it too much to ask...

...for ONE thing to go right today?!

I am DREADING the gig I have to go to (soon!) based on how the rest of this day has gone! Is Mercury in retrograde again or something?

I went over to set up, and there is basically no room for me. I'm going to have to be somewhere with people walking behind me, which always makes me nuts. I almost ran into a ferkryssakes COP CAR on the way over. I have spent the day driving in circles and not accomplishing much. I am working on an event which I barely have time to deal with, and this may result in me taking it in the pants financially - if so, this will be the second party this year that was supposed to be self supporting but winds up costing me. And, as the icing on the cake, the building manager came over and hassled me about parking ("you're not even on the lease here" um, hello! only one person is, and if he thinks this place is affordable for one person, he is on crack fo sho.) And then he ran away before I could reply. I feel SO welcome in my new home right now!

At least I managed not to actually run into the cop. And, I got *cat food*! My big success of the day, so far. Please please please let the gig go well!

But! I have no time for this, I have to change and get back to the venue.
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