November 17th, 2005

M talkgroup

Another MEme!!!!

Here's a Fucking MEME for Ya!

If you can read this, post a picture of ME here.

i don't want one of you, i want one of me. if i wanted one of you, i would have asked you for one. any and all photoshoping of my face onto old ladys, gay guys having sex, or anything like that will be dealt with extreme prejudice!

hehehehe... bring it on!

oh, and NO LINKS! post it here!!
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I awoke from a strange dream early this morning and could not get back to sleep. While lying in bed and thinking about this and that, it occurred to me that it's been nearly three months since I split up with ExBF. In some ways it seems like more and in some ways, less. I certainly have no regrets about it. I think he's starting to get to a point where he's at least used to the idea, which is a big help to me. I feel far less of a vibe from him around it. And I am completely clear with it. I actually feel better right now than I have in some time. I'm really happy with my life right now! The stress I have is all external, and that's a nice improvement.

I just hope this makeup thing works out.
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