October 12th, 2005


Jury Duty

Ugh, jury duty. 8am. No wifi. No power outlets that I can see, so I've got whatever juice is in my battery and that's it. (SF is so much more with it - they have power outlets, and ethernet jacks so you can get online! How cool is that?) AND I managed to lock my keys in the car on the way over. What a dumbass. It just goes to show that I should not have to be anywhere this early! I'm too tired to be clever at this hour. Hopefully they will just let me go.

I do think the jury system is cool. And I sincerely hope I never see it from the other side. This is bad enough. They are running TVs in here. I wish there was at least a part of the waiting area where they were inaudible. But they seem to be everywhere in here, evenly distributed. Gah. NOW I am wishing I had an ipod! That's a new one on me! Heh.

Had a fantastic weekend camping - the last campout of the season. It's been an eventful year, and this spring promises to be busy. It looks like I'll be starting classes on either 2/13 or 3/27 if I go with the school that I currently have in mind. Need to figure out a time to go down to LA and check out the two I've been looking at - although I pretty much have my mind made up at this point.

I did makeup on a few people over the weekend, and made plans to work on some other folks (with before and after pix for my nascent portfolio.) Supercool. Need to check into how much a booth at Rakkasah costs, and whether it's still possible to get one. Also need to figure out dates for Rakkasah, as I REALLY do not want to miss it this time, with Mishaal coming to town! I've offered to let her and Shanti stay with me, hopefully she will. I miss the heck out of that girl!

I'm still feeling a bit close-mouthed around this thing, but life is good. It's taking me a while to get back into the groove of posting, as I haven't been in the habit for some time.

UGH!!! They just called me. GTG. Will keep you posted (and post this when I am back online!)
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