September 26th, 2005


This is Weird

OK, so this is too weird.

There is a campout coming up - one of the recurring ones that I have provided sound gear and done DJ coordination for, since back in 1998.

The organizer has changed from the person who's been doing it recently, back to the one who was doing it when I first started - and he has always said that I did a great job at it. Nevertheless, he has arranged for someone else to handle it this time.

This is kinda weird for me, because (as I'm sure you've heard) I am shy - so I actually like having something to do, and a context. But, ok, I'm not doing it this time. Maybe I'll get to do it again in the future - I let him know I really want to.

That was last week. Today, someone posted to the list that they are organizing a costume exchange, which is the other thing I always have done!

This is just bizarre.

I don't know what to do!

Jovino says I should do nothing - just go and enjoy myself. And maybe he's right. But I have to admit the idea makes me nervous! What will I doooooooooo???

I suppose there are worse problems to have.