March 13th, 2004

Pink Braids-DBC

It's going to be OK

So I decided it was time to deal. I called K to see if we could get together for coffee tomorrow and he just wanted to talk immediately on the phone. He said he hates suspense (and I'm sure he could tell from my voice that something was up.)

I told him that I felt that we should stop dating and just be friends, and to my great relief not only was he fine about it, he really understood. (Even despite my inability to say why - like I said to him, the difficult part about this is that nothing is *wrong*, it just isn't right either.) He'd had too much going on in his life to give it much attention but he knew something wasn't quite right. So that was an immense relief. Sad too, but I'm really just glad he wasn't upset. I really do *like* him and would hate to hurt him.

I want to thank everyone who gave me advice and support the other day. It still wasn't easy, but your kind and thoughtful words helped me know I was doing the right thing. It went as well as it possibly could. Thanks again, I appreciate all of your thoughts and care.

It's going to be OK. In fact, it IS OK.
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