February 25th, 2004


Turn off the light, turn off the light

It's been a great weekend! On Fryday we got tickets to the Fat Bottom Revue, a Big Burlesque show that a friend is in. It was a lot of fun, especially seeing the dancing. After that it was off to the famous L'Odeon for the Mardi Gras themed Dive Bar Cabaret. I really wanted to show up in the latex skirt I made in Polly's class on Tuesday , and on Saturday afternoon I constructed a set of pasties from some extra latex Polly let me have. (She also explained how to do it.) They came out really well!

I wore a sheer pink top over, and big klunky platform sandals with patent leather straps. I got SO many beads by flashing my pasties! I've never done that before and it was was actually really fun. They also got me up on stage to show my outfit and said I'd made it myself. I wiggled around a bit and wished I'd already had the class I was about to take the next day. I'll post photos later, if any of them came out. Haven't seen them yet.

So the next day I went into SF to take an erotic dance class. This was also REALLY fun! I went with someone I know from tribe and we had a great time... once I found her house. I got lost trying to follow the yahoo directions to her place... they weren't very clear, they sent me through a really confusing intersection and I got totally lost. I was really stressed, worried we'd be late etc but I managed not to freak out and found an alternate route.

Then we got on the bridge... it was SO swamped. Seemed to take forever, very slow going. Funny thing, it was an achievement to get across it, but not THAT much of an achievement... it was only my second time but it's kinda old hat already. It was somewhat easier driving, but just as stressful and took longer, compared to crossing with less traffic - you drive faster and it's maybe even more stressful but you're off sooner.

On the bridge I was driving along with my window down when I heard someone calling my name... it was Caleb, a friend I used to work with and who I now never see, in his cute little red convertible. What a treat! We were crawling along so slowly we could talk a bit. I told him it was my second bay bridge trip. So fun to see him! Then we got into the city and found parking so quickly... we were shocked. As it turned out, we got there just as the class was getting underway and before we'd missed anything but the introduction.

The class was great - lots of fun, very down to earth and a good mix of demonstration and practice. I'm looking forward to trying out what I learned sometime soon! We were encouraged to bring costumes and change, which you know I was all over, and which was a lot of fun.

I really enjoyed the entire day, and was glad my friend had encouraged me to go and decided to go herself. It's always a little easier doing new things with a friend. Too bad it isn't 10 years ago... I could make some money. ;-)

OK So that was Saturday. Sunday was quite a day, I'll post it in a separate entry.
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